About me


Welcome to ShaunteBri

Born and raised in St. Petersburg Florida. I honestly don’t think I could call another place home. Growing up I was afforded every opportunity to be great but never took advantage. My mother always had a plan for me, but her plan and my plan never matched up (lets just be clear I never had a plan). I always wanted to be a fly rich girl, I just never knew how I was going to get there. I’m coming into my mid-twenties and can finally say I’m finding my independence and let me tell you, its the most liberating feeling in the world.

This blog is about Lifestyle, Travel, and Fashion. That fly rich girl I mentioned before, hmm yeah I still haven’t made it there yet and I barely have a plan but that’s okay. So until then I’m balling on a budget. A very strict budget.



“A girl should be two¬†things: classy and fabulous”

-Coco Chanel