2019 Travel Bucket List

New Year New Travel Goals? Ask me something I’m passionate about, hands down its travel. I honestly enjoy exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. I’ve compiled a list of places I must go in 2019. 


New York City, New York

“Concrete Jungle where Dreams are made of…” Honestly I’m not sure how I have not visited New York yet. Every time I watch a show based in NY I get so excited, and I quickly want to book a flight and just go for a weekend. Just for a weekend though. If I were to be transparent, NYC may be too busy for me. I want to experience the food, the people, and Central Park. I want to take the train to Brooklyn. And I also want to sit on the steps of the Met, just like my faves from Gossip Girl did.

Savannah, Georgia

Honestly, I’m not sure why I find this city so fascinating. I just love the charm that it possesses and the historic value that it holds. It is definitely a quick weekend trip. So, of course, it made my travel list for this year. 

Page, Arizona 

I can’t express enough how beautiful this place is. The red-rocks and caves have always intrigued me. People fail to realize how beautiful the US can really be. I want to be able to spend some time in the desert just hanging out and reflecting. Take a hike; get some amazing Instagram worthy pics and just vibe out. 


Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich has always been on my travel bucket list. I had a layover there on my way back to the states from Dubai and just flying in I knew I definitely wanted to go back. Maybe I’ll try skiing again, who knows? 

Alberta, Canada

Lake Louise, Alberta, please! I know you all have seen that gorgeous lake on many social media outlets. I plan to go camping while I am there. (I’ve never been camping). So that will definitely be something to make a blog post about. I wonder if they have Glamping? (glamorous camping trip).


My mother recently took a trip to Cuba, and I was super jealous. Like the nerve of her to visit the timeless city before me and live her best life without me? Wow. Deep down I’m hoping my sister will be willing to take this trip with me, because I know she has been dying to get there.


Ahhhh. So honestly I have no real reasons why I want to visit. Everyone I know who has visited ensures me that it is a great place to visit, and I will thoroughly enjoy it. I’m all about a good fun long weekend, just to taking a break from life. Plus it’s not that long of a flight from where I currently reside, so why not?

And that’s Not It!

Of course, there will be some impromptu trips added for this year. But this is my must do list for 2019 and I am super excited. 


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