Weekend in Atlanta

2018 I made a promise to myself that I would travel more, put my fears aside and live my life. For years I’ve wanted to get out and travel the world. There were times when I would wait for my friends to invite me on trips or make plans with friends only to have them back out at the last minute. A few months ago I came across an ad for a music festival in Atlanta called One Music Fest. After checking out the lineup I was total game. 

Of course I invited a couple of people and as usual they bailed on me. I decided to forge forward. I purchased my festival tickets and flight, and headed to Atlanta for another solo adventure. Traveling alone is a big decision so I’ve been starting out small, so Atlanta was the perfect trip. 

The adventure began on Friday afternoon. Atlanta’s airport can be very intimidating, because it’s huge. I ended up meeting a lady on the plane and we figured out how to get to baggage claim together. Got my baggage, and headed over to the MARTA train. The MARTA train was very convenient. Although customer service was quite poor, I was able to get my ticket and was on my way to my hotel. About 20 minutes later I arrived downtown at the Peachtree Center. From there I walked to my hotel. After a little bit of rest I was able to officially start my weekend. 



After my nap I was starving. Thanks to the celebrities I follow on Instagram, I discovered a cute restaurant called Puff & Petals. A little research revealed it was singer K. Michelle’s spot. I arrived to the restaurant and was greeted by a friendly security guard who asked if I had reservations. Of course I didn’t, he went inside to see if there were any available spots and it turned out that I got lucky. I was seated and instantly fell in love with the vibe. My server was so much fun and made my experience a positive one. 

Puff and Petals

After dinner, I returned to the hotel and reached out to a couple of ladies from a Facebook travel group. We met up and attempted to explore Atlanta’s nightlife. We failed miserably. First stop was Silva’s Hookah Bar. Not a bad spot, but it was packed. We met a few locals that directed us to a couple of clubs. We walked around until we came upon a Jamaican spot. I’m not Jamaican, so I honestly could not understand what was going on in the club. 

Later that night we detoured to a 24 hour spot downtown for something to eat before returning to our hotels. Metro Cafe Diner was offering karaoke, which was fun because it was around 1:00 am. The vibe was cool and I enjoyed myself although I didn’t get that midnight snack I was searching of. This place is one I would recommend.


One thing I LOVED about Atlanta was how convenient all the attractions were to my hotel. I rarely had to call for a Lyft. I was able to walk EVERYWHERE. Although it was very hot and humid out, Atlanta was so pretty. 

Let’s talk food! My FAVORITE type of food is definitely breakfast. I don’t care what time of the day, I will forever pick breakfast over everything. Atlanta Breakfast club was another spot I discovered. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Important tip…IT GETS PACKED. I failed to read the reviews and wasn’t aware of the 1.5 hour wait and it was only 11:00 am. If you give it a try, make a reservation or get there super early, like right when they open the doors. 

Atlanta Breakfast Club

I make it to the festival. It was pretty organized and I was able to get through the security check with no waits or hassle, which is always something I dread. This was a good thing because one of my fav’s, DVSN was about to perform. After their set, was rapper Big K.R.I.T. I’ve heard of him but never actually listened to his music, but after his performance I can admit that I am now a fan. 

A few performances into the show I separated from the girls I came with. To make matters worse, my phone was M.I.A. I tried to find them, but eventually gave up and enjoyed the rest of the show, which included Miguel. He was one of the acts I wanted to see the most. He put on an amazing show, so there was no disappointment. Since I saw him earlier this year for my birthday, I wasn’t upset about not getting any videos or pictures of his show. 

I thank God for my sense of direction. The festival wrapped up, and luckily the hotel wasn’t far from the location, so the walk back wasn’t bad. To my surprise the girls I was with earlier remembered where I was staying and had left several messages for me. We met up at my hotel and I was able to get my phone back.  The night ended with some good conversation and laughs at Waffle House.


It was time to take in some sites. The Coca Cola Factory and the Atlanta Aquarium were my top choices. I decided on the Coca Cola Factory, because it was all I really had time for. But I’m happy that’s what I decided on. I have never been a huge fan of Coke, but I do love a lot of their other beverages. The factory was a lot of fun and self-guided and took about an hour and a half. It was a much appreciated history lesson on Coke with some interactive exhibits. Towards the end, there is a room that has coke products from all over the world. Let me say that I was super jealous, wondering why we all can’t get to experience the many flavors of different countries on a regular basis. Needless to say I was on a major sugar rush by the time my tour ended. 

World of Coke

The Atlanta eye was also on my list. I’ve seen a lot of videos and pictures of it on social media. It is best experienced at night, but due to time restraints that wasn’t an option. Still, it was still an amazing that allowed me to see all of downtown and what I believe was Stone Mountain. Overall it was a really cool experience. 


Following my morning exploration I headed over to the festival. There I met up with the ladies and made sure I wasn’t losing them or my phone, again. Sunday was definitely Atlanta artist day. The lineup consisted of Monica (love her), T.I. (love him), and 2 Chains. Before T. I. hit the stage they brought out a few local artist, including, Crime Mob, Keri Hilson, and Lloyd. It was nothing but good vibes and good energy. 

After leaving the festival, we decided that we wanted to go to the strip club. Okay, so before anyone judges, I’ve been to ONE strip club in my life. I was far from impressed and vowed I would never go again. I always hear about how good the strip clubs in Atlanta are, so I wanted to give it a try. BUT we failed to realize that everything literally shuts down on Sunday. NOTHING was open. No bars, lounges NOTHING. It was still pretty early, maybe 10:00 pm. So we said our goodbyes and called it a night.

Overall I loved Atlanta. People warned me about going there alone and how it may not be safe for me, but truthfully; I wasn’t scared at any point. The people were super friendly and even at 2:00 am there were still crowds out, so I never felt like I was in an unsafe position. I’ve been to Atlanta before but as a teen, so going as an adult gave me more appreciation for this beautiful city. I will be back! 


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