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I scream you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!

Have you heard the buzz about the Museum of Ice Cream and wondered what it is all about? It’s just what the name implies, an interactive museum about Ice Cream. It’s also the perfect place to take an amazing selfie and have some good old family fun. The museum was founded by two women, which I love #GirlPower. The museum has had locations in Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco. Both the Miami and San Francisco locations have been extended for about another month.

Aside from the annoying traffic lights and horrific parking situation, Miami picked the perfect location for their museum. Nonetheless, the location was right across from the beach, giving beautiful views from each unique room.

Sprinkle Pool
Probably the most unique room in the museum, it had me like a kid in a candy store. It’s literally a pool with colorful sprinkles. The sprinkles are plastic so I definitely don’t advise eating them, that and probably thousands of people have been in that same pool. Due to the popularity of this room, you are timed. So you will have about five minutes in the room to take all the pictures you want and if you’re adventurous you can take a dive off the diving board.


Bunns Shake Room
This model is designed after an old-school 50’s diner. All I was missing was my pink poodle skirt. Coming in, you are greeted by a high energy employee, giving you the rundown of the room and offering a tasty treat…chocolate ice cream with pink whip cream, topped with a cute little pink cherry.


The Balloons
Following the Bunns Shake room, you will walk out into a courtyard area with balloons floating in the sky. You will be greeted again by an MOIC employee that will give you the philosophy behind the balloons. You should definitely ask them to take your picture because they know how to direct you perfectly. Hint, the perfect picture requires selfie mode.

Fan- Tastic
This room has about eight huge ice cream cones that double as fans. I must say my favorite thing about this room was the employees that greeted us and tried to get everyone to dance. The sad thing is I suck at dancing so that didn’t last too long.

The Safari Room
The swinging banana! I was excited for this swing. There also was a cherry version. This room is jungled themed. There are cute pink palm trees everywhere. The room literally resembles a colorful jungle. Off to the side there is a little room that you have to crawl into that’s covered in silver plates. I was told they were supposed to represent half coconuts. So we’ll just go with that. The treat for this room was a chocolate covered banana. I must say it was pretty good.

Melted Ice Cream
When you first go into the museum, you are told that there may be some trivia at some point. Well, the trivia came in this room. When you first walk in, on the wall there are some flip cards. STUDY those. They will give you some insight on the history of ice cream which I found to be quite interesting. You will be quizzed by an MOIC employee in order to receive your treat, which is literally melted ice cream in a small milk carton. Pink, of course.

Playdough Sand Room
There are playdough sculptures throughout the room, as well as a station where you can play with sand-like playdough.

Sculpture Room
This room gave me an awesome history lesson. The ice cream for this room was Mochi. They had strawberry, mango, and cookie dough flavors. I opted for the mango flavor, and it is definitely an acquired taste. Mochi originated in Japan. This tasty dessert is a round ball consisting of pounded sticky rice cake and an ice cream filling.

Popsicle Room
The best Key Lime ice cream I have ever had. This room was probably the best for pictures, with hundreds of hanging popsicles, plastic of course. It also has a unique collage of hanging glass color blocks. Outside was a terrace with a couple of games and also a good view of the beach. This is the last room of the museum.

This museum was everything I’d imagined. From the high-energy employees, to the creativity that went into creating the museum, visitors are sure to leave with a satisfying experience. If you’re in the south Florida area I highly suggest going. It is totally worth the money. They have even extended the dates through the end of April.



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  1. May 8, 2018 / 4:56 pm

    Love all your colorful pictures! This entire post just made me want ice cream! Thanks for nothing! Lol

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