Black Girls don’t Ski

I hate to admit it, but when it comes to stereotypes, your girl is guilty of believing the hype. “Black girls don’t ski!” If you read my last blog California Loveee you know I recently visited Northern California to spend time with my sister Morgan, and Brother-in-law, Dan.

They planned my first ski outing. We headed out to Kirkwood, California, which is south Lake Tahoe. There truly aren’t enough words to describe Kirkwood. I’ve seen snow, maybe once in my life, and this girl was not impressed. This time was different; the snow covered mountains were majestic. It definitely changed my feelings about snow.


When people meet me, they think I’m this glitz and glam “rich girl” that takes random trips, loves to eat at fancy restaurants and shop at high-end stores. Nothing can be further from the truth. I’m simply down for an adventure and new experiences. So I save my coins, plan carefully and make things happen.

Leading up to my trip, I was super excited. Skiing for the first time was going to be monumental. Okay, not monumental, but a big first for me. Once I arrived in Kirkwood and realized what I was about to do, I asked myself, “Girl, what the heck are you about to do?” It would have been easy to throw-in the towel, but your girl is always up for a challenge. So off to the slopes I went.


You’re probably saying, if she’s so adventurous why hasn’t she skied before? I’m going to be honest, there are certain things black people just don’t do. Or so I thought. Remember, I admitted that I have gotten caught-up before, believing stereotypes about Black people. Since I’ve returned from my trip, I’ve heard about black ski weekends.

For me, it wasn’t about fear or how much it cost. It simply wasn’t something that sparked my interest. It was just one of those things that if I did it, good… if not, then oh well. It wasn’t going to be a FOMO moment.

Here are six takeaways from my first experience skiing:

  1. It’s really inexpensive. I paid about $180 for my lesson and equipment (skis, boots, helmet, sticks). My sister had clothing and goggles already, so I was lucky on that front.
  2. The clothing is not made for black women. Trying on my sisters clothing, I started to get a little insecure because I could barely get her pants over my butt.  She quickly explained ski clothes for women are geared towards athletic white women. With that being said, I ended up having to get an XL in men’s pants. So if you are a black woman with a little curve, I highly suggest buying men’s ski pants.
  3. “Powder-like snow” is the best. Its all soft and fluffy. Since falling is what terrified me the most, it eased my mind and made me feel better about the fact that I was probably going to wipe out a few times.
  4. It’s ok to be called a snow bunny! Once I had all of my gear on, my sister looked at me and said “you look like a snow bunny.” Now the black girl in me got offended because to us (black girls) snow bunny is a white girl. But I guess in the world of snow sports that’s totally ok. Or is it?
  5. Being in shape will help you tremendously. The thing that saved me was the fact that I played tennis since I was six. So, most sports come naturally for me. On the flip side, I’m far from in shape. Afterwards, my glutes, arms and even my neck were sore. Sitting in the Jacuzzi and steam room immediately after my lesson provided little relief.
  6. Falling absolutely sucks. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. I fell once during my lesson. It was horrible. I was for sure they were going to airlift me out of there. For a split second I couldn’t feel my legs, and those heavy ass skis didn’t help the few times I fell after that weren’t any different. I just wanted to get to the bottom and go home.


Final Verdict: Skiing is fun, as a one-time thing. Honestly the only reason I would probably put myself through that again is so I can get a video of myself. I was so focused on not killing myself that I didn’t think to video the moment.


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  1. Maryhelen Gaines
    March 9, 2018 / 5:46 pm

    Story was interesting, make me want to ski. Woman of color ski for the first time in her life.. Truly a story to tell! You should write a book👌 the flow of your blog was thrilling and interested…

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